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Progressive Dinner

The annual Progressive Dinner for members usually takes place on a Saturday evening in March or April. The format is that you eat a starter, main course and dessert at three different houses. All you know at the start of the evening is where to go for starters and which course you have to host. At each course, six people including the host couple sit down to eat.

Like everything in Twinning, it's very informal and not intended to be a haut cuisine dinner party. If you are down to do a starter or pudding, it's a good idea to prepare a cold dish that can be kept refrigerated until your guests arrive. If you have been selected to host the main course, some kind of casseroled dish that can be kept warm is a good choice.

Appropriate drinks for each course are at the discretion of the hosts.

At the end of the evening, all participants gather at one house for coffee, mints and perhaps a digestif.

2018 Progressive Dinner

This year's Progressive Dinner will take place on Saturday 28th April. This is much later in the year than normal, but it does at least mean that the evening will be much lighter. The weather should be warmer too, so (who knows?) it might become a Progressive BBQ!

If you would like to take part, please download and return the application form. Please note that the deadline for applying is Friday 20th April.


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