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The Newick Twinning Association

1.     AIMS

i)        To promote and foster friendship and understanding between the people of Newick and District and those of Itteville and District in the Essonne region in France and those of any other town or village outside England with which The Newick Twinning Association (the Association) may form links.

ii)      To encourage visits by individuals and groups to and from linked towns or villages, particularly by children and young people, and the development of personal contacts and, by so doing, to broaden the mutual understanding of the cultural, recreational and commercial activities of the linked towns or villages and their countries.

iii)    To organize fund-raising activities to foster the aims of the Association.


i)        Membership shall be open to all persons or organisations in sympathy with the aims of the Association. Subscription fees which as well as categories shall be determined annually at a general meeting will be payable within two months thereof, but are not applicable to any memberís child or ward under the age of eighteen years. All such children are, however, entitled to participate in any of the Associationís activities provided their parent, grandparent or guardian is present.

ii)      Membership shall be free for any member where that member has a child or ward at Newick C of E Primary School.

iii)    The Association may decline to accept any application at its sole discretion.


i)        A general meeting of the Association constitutes absolute power. Members are required to meet at least once a year, within three months of the end of the preceding financial year which shall be 30th September each year, when accounts examined by an appointed independent third-party are required to be presented for approval.

ii)      Members in general meeting shall elect up to twelve members to constitute a Management Committee (the Committee), to serve until the next general meeting. The Committee shall be elected as far as possible to be representative of local organisations, associations, clubs as well as individuals. A Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer, and other officers as may be necessary, shall be elected from amongst the members of the Committee. The Association may also appoint an Honorary Auditor at its discretion. The Chairman, unless otherwise decided, will take the chair at general meetings.

iii)    The Committee shall have the power to co-opt and co-opted members shall have the power to vote. A minimum of five members present will be required to form a quorum and the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Committee shall further have the power to form sub-committees, which will similarly have the power to co-opt and co-opted members to vote. The three elected officers shall be ex-officio members of any sub-committee so established.

iv)    Members in general meeting may elevate past chairmen to the lifetime position of Honorary President (President díHonneur) in recognition of services rendered to the Association.


i)        The Honorary Secretary will convene general meetings by giving at least thirty days notice in advance by mail or email. The formal agenda will be sent at the same time. Individual memberís agenda items must reach the Honorary Secretary at least fifteen days before the meeting.

ii)      A general meeting shall also be convened if at least one fifth of the membership so request in writing or by email to the Honorary Secretary. The Honorary Secretary will then determine the date of the meeting, giving at least thirty days notice in advance by mail or email.

iii)    A general meeting may also be convened by the Chairman, provided this is supported by a simple majority of the Committee.

iv)    All members must provide the Honorary Secretary with details of their principal address and email address if available as well as other contact details.

5.     MINUTES

All decisions by the members in general meeting are required to be recorded in the minutes of that meeting. The Secretary, who does not have to be a member, is appointed by the meeting.


Another person may represent a member at a general meeting, provided that person holds that memberís proxy, or a proxy has been sent by mail or email to the Honorary Secretary in advance of the meeting.

7.     VOTING

Only members present or represented at a general meeting shall be entitled to vote, provided their subscriptions are fully paid up for the relevant year. A minimum of ten members present or represented at a general meeting will be required to form a quorum. A simple majority may take a binding decision. The Chairman shall hold a casting vote.


The Association shall be required to maintain a current account with an authorised British financial institution. All cheques drawn on the Association's bank account, or payments from it, shall be signed or authorised by any two of the three elected officers. Investment policy will be kept under continuing review by the Committee and presented annually to a general meeting for approval.


In the event of dissolution of the Association, after current subscriptions have been returned to members, all surplus funds shall be transferred to such local charity or charities as the Committee in its absolute discretion shall decide.

Adopted by the Annual General Meeting of 25th November 2015


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